Admission Blog

The Soundtrack to my School Year

As a huge music fan and avid concertgoer, Los Angeles has been the perfect city for me. The city’s plethora of concert venues and abundance of shows has enriched my college experience and has also inspired me to get more involved with the music scene at LMU. KXLU and KLMU have a huge presence at LMU and have brought so many great artists to campus. After going to their booth at Club Fest last year and attending their radio mixer, I was passionate about getting involved with this community. Last semester, I got my own radio show on the KLMU network and could not have been more excited for the opportunity. I just received my KLMU time slot and am ready to play my show for another semester on this great radio station.

Last semester, I crafted my radio shows around specific themes to engage the KLMU listeners with L.A.’s local music scene. For example, if there were any specific concerts or music festivals coming up in the L.A. area, I would play music from the artists being featured at those events. My goals on my radio show were to provide exciting content to the listeners and hopefully inspire them to go attend these events. Essentially, I want other students and KLMU listeners to be able to have similar positive experiences.

Furthermore, I attended KXLU Fest last semester, the annual spring concert put on by LMU’s renowned radio station. I got the opportunity to see talented artists such as Colleen Green, La Sera, The Muffs, Tony Molina, and HABITS. The festival also featured LMU student bands such as Hallie & The Husbands, Marzoña, and Arms Akimbo. This event attracted not only LMU students and community members, but people from all over L.A. This festival drew in a massive crowd, pointing to KXLU’s influence over the entire city. After attending the concert, I felt grateful to be able to be involved in LMU’s college radio program and be connected to such a creative community of students. I am also a huge fan of Colleen Green and La Sera, so having these two artists play at my school was a highlight of my year.

For my radio show this semester, I am going to continue with my themed content and shape it around the music scene in LA. Furthermore, I plan to attend more concerts in and around L.A. in order to become more involved in the city’s music scene and be able to talk about those experiences on my radio show. Additionally, I am looking forward to 2016’s KXLU Fest and cannot wait to see what artists and student bands they feature on campus this year.

Since music is so integral to my life, getting involved in LMU’s college radio program has provided me with an outlet to get involved on campus and also engage with an art form that I love. I am glad that the KXLU and KLMU radio community has allowed me to create an amazing soundtrack for my college experience.