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Study Spots For Success

As midterms get underway it is time to return to old study habits and study places. It is not uncommon for each person to have their own place of comfort to study and get their work done. While there are popular spots around campus among the student body, finding your own place to study is most important. During my two years at LMU, I have found a few favorite spots of my own.

Personally, my favorite place to study on campus is at LMU’s nationally-ranked William H. Hannon library. On any given day its three floors are filled with students intently completing assignments. The large tables combined with the quiet, but serious, environment prompt me to work diligently. My favorite place to study at the library is in a group study room. These group study rooms are available to use on any of the three floors, which make it easily accessible for me to book a room and begin my homework with my books spread out on the large table. These rooms are especially useful for when an important study session is necessary. I find the whiteboard walls of the study room to be especially helpful when I am want to lay out my train of thought when I am writing a paper, or writing out key facts in preparation for a test.

Another area that is popular to study is the Lion’s Den, a student-run coffeehouse. It offers an ambient environment suitable for studying or chatting. With fair-trade coffee and tasty treats never too far away, the Lion’s Den has many tables and sofas available for students to sit down and begin work. There are many places to choose to sit as well. From couches, to tables, to booths, my favorite seats are along the large glass window looking onto Sunken Gardens. Although it is a louder environment than the library, it is a great place to work on group projects. The Lion’s Den offers a more casual environment that is better suited for studying with friends.

Another popular coffee spot on campus is Starbucks. From its opening to closing time, there are always students ordering drinks and sitting at the many tables to work on their studies. It’s also another great place to work on group projects or study with friends as it is a more casual environment than the library it is connected to. With seats to choose from inside or outside, Starbucks is almost always filled with students. My friends and I enjoy going to Starbucks to work on homework for classes we have together, and also staying to talk for a little bit after we are done working.

Lastly, there are more great places on campus to study in the department villages located in University Hall. Quiet, with large tables and couches, there is always room to find a spot to work on homework and studying in any of the department villages. In fact, throughout University Hall there are areas to plug in your computer or sit at a desk. If I ever have extra time before one of my classes start, I like to head to University Hall and spend my time studying knowing I can get a few extra minutes of studying with my next class close to me. After classes have ended for the day, University Hall offers many different areas available to students in order to work well in a quiet environment.

As each studies spends time studying in different locations on campus, it becomes easier for everyone to find the spot that makes them most comfortable. Ask any Lion and they will tell you just where their favorite study spot on campus is located. What’s yours?