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New School Year, New You

The summer jobs are over, the long days at the beach have ended, and the “back to school” advertisements are pervasive. The new school year has started and even though this time can be stressful, it is exciting to have a fresh start and a change of scenery. I have returned to LMU as a sophomore this year and have new classes, new responsibilities, and a new dorm room as well.

Freshman year is in the past, and I am grateful for the skills I learned during that time. In my first year of college, I learned how to balance the demands of academics while working two jobs and also maintaining a social life on campus. Furthermore, I had to stay on top of my health, which I accomplished by incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into my daily schedule. Now that I am officially a sophomore, I feel more confident about this school year because I have already acclimated to my college lifestyle. By already having a previous year of experience, I feel equipped to make sophomore year the best one yet.

However, even though I am accustomed to my life at LMU, sophomore year brings a whole new set of challenges – harder classes, a busier schedule, and higher expectations because I am no longer a freshman. I also have new responsibilities as the Vice President of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) that I need to fulfill to the best of my abilities. However, despite the hurdles that sophomore year brings, I have found that an easy transition back to school can be simplified by preparing ahead of time, setting goals, and accepting responsibility.

In terms of being prepared, do all your school shopping ahead of time and come to class with the proper materials to kick off the year on a good note. Introduce yourself to your professors and have a positive attitude. Complete your assignments on time so you can wake up each morning ready to take on the day. Procrastination can hinder your enjoyment of school, so staying up-to-date with homework can truly benefit the quality of your year.

Be sure to set both short-term and long-term goals before beginning the new school year. These goals will be inspiring and by the end of the year, you will be able to track your progress and see how much you have accomplished. In order to remain on a steady path to success, it is important to stay motivated and have the drive to keep improving.

Since the quirks of being a freshman are over, there will be higher expectations for my sophomore year. However, I am not alone in this process; everyone who has come back to LMU this fall has to make the transition to a new school year that holds new responsibilities. Although this change can seem burdensome, look at it as an opportunity for development and eventual success. Greet your new responsibilities with excitement and let them inspire you to push yourself and do your best. It is perfectly normal to be nervous at the start of something new, but know that you have the potential to excel during this pivotal time.

As I entered my freshman year of college, I was excited to finally be living in Los Angeles as an LMU student, but I was also scared about being so far away from home. The massive distance between the West and East Coasts intimidated me, but I worked to surpass this hurdle and did not let it hold me back. I set goals for myself, maintained an optimistic attitude, and did not allow procrastination to slow me down. When I put forth my best effort to have a great freshman year, the 3,000 miles between LMU and my home did not seem so scary anymore. Even though sophomore year brings new expectations, I know that I can overcome whatever challenges I face by working hard and staying positive.

This year, my goals are to get good grades, keep making new friends, and stay organized with my schedule. Additionally, I am aiming to do a great job as the Vice President of PRSSA, and I want to make my radio show on the KLMU station eclectic, creative, and meaningful.

As the 2015-2016 school year progresses, do not forget to go forward boldly and believe in yourself.