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Easy Living: LMU Dorm Life

Starting college means so much more than just attending a new school – it also means moving out of your home for the very first time, and this can be a scary proposition. Not only are you moving away from everything you have ever known, but you have to live with a roommate who often times is a complete stranger.  But never fear, living in the LMU dorms is probably one of the most fun and unique experiences you will have during your life. Why, you ask?

For starters, you have to keep in mind that everyone starting college is in the same boat as you. LMU students come from all across the country (47 states) and around the globe (80+ countries), so no one is really going to know each other at first. Take comfort in the fact that everyone is feeling just as awkward and nervous as you, and use it as an opportunity to bond with your fellow door mates.

I live in a double room in the Del Rey South dorm, which was built a couple of years ago. I decorate it with my favorite posters and rearrange the furniture however I like, which makes me feel more at home. The people here are so nice and it only took a few weeks before I had a whole group of new friends. Often times there is free food in the common room and people can gather and socialize. The common room has a television in it as well, which makes watching big events like sports, or the political debates this year a lot of fun, because you are sharing the experience with so many friends.

The best part about dorm life is the fact that all of your friends are also your neighbors. Back in high school, when I wanted to hang out with a friend, I would usually have to drive at least twenty minutes. Now, I can just walk down the hall. So you essentially have all of your friends around you who are always there to do things with. You will also be surprised by how many fun things everyone can come up when they all are in the dorms together too. For example, my friends and I had a horror movie marathon in October, where we just watched a ton of classic scary movies during the month. If I did not live in the dorms, something like this would have been almost impossible to orchestrate. The school constantly puts on events with free food and activities and they are a great way to spend time with your new friends.

Another major dorm life plus is your proximity to all of your classes. At LMU, all classes are just a short walking distance from the dorms. You won’t think this will be a big deal, until you wake up ten minutes before one of your classes start (believe me, it happens). It is also surprisingly relaxing to just be able to be able to walk to everywhere that you need to go.

I know it may feel awkward at first, or it may be hard when you move into a dorm. But once you get settled in, you will start to feel at home at LMU. You will appreciate the fact that you are surrounded by new friends and a great campus. Then you will begin to understand all of the hype. I know I do.

If you would like more information about on-campus living, please check out LMU’s student housing site.