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Interning: Trial and Error…

With an array of companies within LMU’s reach, there is a wealth of opportunities lying right outside the back gates. One of the best ways to follow LMU’s goal of educating the whole person and enrich one’s college experience is taking advantage of these opportunities by looking into internship opportunities! When I chose to take the plunge and intern as well as be a full time student, my time at LMU was enriched by gaining first-hand experience in the working world and insight into my passions.

From the outset of my college career, I was always drawn to the Public Relations field, but knew close to nothing about it. To expand my interest, I decided to immerse myself the fall of my junior year, enrolling in the introductory course: “Principles of Public Relations”– and simultaneously interning at a boutique PR firm that focused mainly on talent clients.

From my experience at a (mainly) talent and corporate centered PR firm, I learned that the field is much more than what meets the eye; it is not a typical nine to five job, which came as a shock to me. Due to the fact PR companies are in charge of maintaining a particular relationship with the public, a crisis or situation requires immediate attention. Publicists also must attend lots of events and appearances, which may take hours, or may be an international trip for days at a time. PR emphasizes the relationships made with the public and public figures, especially social media accounts, which are often difficult to measure, yet are fresh because they create a direct line of communication and are constantly changing.

My first internship also served as an experience where I learned what I do not want to do; I learned I not want to work with talent clients, and need something that fosters more creativity. Working on tasks with this subject was incredibly unsatisfying and felt more like a chore than a chance to apply myself. But this being said, I soon found out my passions aligned with the structure and planning, as well as creativity, that went into working with corporate clients and organizing events, which eventually led me to my dream internship where I currently work!

Taking this insight I gained from my first internship experience, I was able to combine my love for beauty products with my newfound passion for corporate PR, into my dream job: interning at a boutique PR firm that focuses on beauty and lifestyle brands (it also is along the beach in Santa Monica… jackpot).

Since officially starting in mid-August before the start of my senior year, I have nothing to say but great things about my internship and time spent so far; I have found a place where my passion, knowledge, education, and skills converge, and I am excited to go to work everyday!