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CPD Career Coaches Make a Difference on Campus

The transition from college to the professional world is an exciting, yet intimidating shift that all students face at the completion of their academic careers. From creating an impressive resume to writing an excellent cover letter, shifting into the ‘real world’ can be a nerve-wracking process. On LMU’s campus, Career and Professional Development’s (CPD) Career Coaches serve as outstanding resources in preparing students for this pivotal juncture in their lives. Each Career Coach plays a unique role within this department, and they all are vested in helping students attain success in their careers. My overall experience with CPD has been incredibly useful in shaping my professional goals, and all of the Career Coaches I have worked with have made a positive impact on my career journey.

My first encounter with the CPD Career Coaches was actually before I even enrolled at LMU. After being accepted to the university, I flew out to L.A. to visit LMU’s campus and attended a meeting with Sean Cain, a Career Coach who specializes in advising students in the College of Communication and Fine Arts and the School of Film and Television. During my tour, I chatted with Sean about the Communication Studies (CMST) department, and this meaningful conversation actually heavily influenced my choice to become a LMU Lion. Sean was incredibly knowledgeable about the CMST program, and learning about all of the eclectic classes that the department offers really made me want to attend this school.

In addition, Sean showed me LMU’s LionJobs portal and the plethora of entertainment industry internships that would be at my disposal. Through this meeting, I really learned that LMU was right for me. When looking on back on my college journey thus far, I will always remember how Sean’s infectious personality and enthusiasm really impressed me, and I am glad that he was so informative in helping me make a great college decision.

As the Vice President of LMU PRSSA, I work with the other Executive Board Officers to bring in speakers for our monthly workshops. We work hard to bring in professionals that can help our members attain professional success, and the CPD Career Coaches never fail to meet our expectations. Carolynn Grainger was a guest speaker at our workshop about how to most effectively use LinkedIn, and her presentation was impeccable. Our members really benefited from her advice about how to best utilize this networking platform, and they were grateful that she provided them with so much useful information.

Elizabeth Powell also spoke at a PRSSA workshop about resume building, and the tips she provided really helped me revise my own resume. PRSSA members who attended this event definitely learned the necessary skills to fine-tune their resumes and put forth the best document possible. I am very appreciative of Carolynn and Elizabeth taking the time out of their busy schedules to help ready our members for life post-graduation, and I hope for both of them to attend PRSSA events in the future.

In the CPD office, I have also had meaningful experiences with Cassandra Bailey and Kyle Greenberg. When I took Cassandra’s internship course last semester, she was very valuable in teaching me how to set goals and map out an attainable career plan. I really enjoyed the class meeting times where we would discuss my professional motives, and it was a rewarding experience to speak with her and reflect on my own aspirations. Additionally, I met with Kyle this past summer about the best ways to network with LMU alumni, and he provided me with stellar advice about how to schedule informational interviews. Being confident is crucial in the workforce, and Kyle was a fantastic resource who taught me the ropes of networking and making professional connections.

Furthermore, even though I am not in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering, many of my friends here at LMU are pursuing careers in the science and medical fields, and every one of them who has met with Nina Cox has had a meaningful experience. Moreover, my peers have noted that Nina was effective in guiding them toward the right career paths in the STEM industry and helping them find their niche in the workforce. Gregory James recently joined the CPD team, focusing on Healthcare and Medicine.

I highly recommend that all LMU students schedule at least one meeting with a CPD Career Coach before they graduate. I am so thankful for all that I have learned from these professionals, and I know the lessons I have learned in the CPD office will take me far.

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