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The Coffee Lover’s Guide to LMU

 If you are a coffee enthusiast like me, then you are probably already aware that LMU excels in this department. At any given location on campus, it is likely that you will always be in close proximity to a coffee cart or shop. With a Starbucks, two Coffee Beans, the Lion’s Corner Café, the Lion’s Den, and the Coffee Cart, LMU students have constant access to a wide variety of options. The Lair and Roski’s also offer hot coffee in a few different brews.

My personal favorite campus coffee spot is the Coffee Cart in front of Foley, mainly because of their plethora of delicious options. For example, their drink menu ranges from lattes to boba teas, served in many eclectic flavors. However, do not let the long lines at the Coffee Cart be a deterrent – the reason why so many people are there is because their drinks are that good.

Best drink at the Coffee Cart? In my opinion, I would say a tie between their iced vanilla latte and the black tea with boba pearls.

Coming in second place would have to be the Lion’s Den. The Den is student-run, and they also provide a diverse menu with lots of tasty beverages. When entering the Den, one can usually find students doing homework, which makes it an ideal study space. Although the Den is an ideal academic workplace, it also offers a social, communal vibe where students can relax.

Best drink at the Den? I am going to go with the caramel freeze – perfect for the hotter, sunnier days on campus.

While all of these coffee options are available during most school year hours, many stay open during the summer as well. The Lion’s Corner Café serves Starbucks coffee and remains open during both sessions, as does the Leavey Coffee Bean and Starbucks attached to WHH Library. This makes it easy for students either taking summer classes or working on campus to get their coffee fix.

Even if coffee is not your first choice, no worries necessary. Most of these spots offer tea, pastries, baked goods, and snacks to accompany their beverage menu.

Overall, it is hard to go wrong with the coffee at LMU. This fall, I look forward to seeing which seasonal drinks come to campus, and I cannot wait to sample the different options on my walks to class.