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What to Expect: Open House 2017

The Open House is a staple in the college admission season. Most of all colleges offer some sort of big event for prospective students and many students attend several of these programs. Ours is this Sunday, October 8, and I hope to see you there.

I love Open House. This will be my 28th LMU Open House, and I never get tired of the energy and the festivity I see at this event every year. It truly is marvelous to experience the excitement and the curiosity of the prospective students and to witness the genuine enthusiasm our faculty and students show for LMU as they engage with our guests.

My advice to students and parents attending the Open House is always the same- take advantage of all these LMU folks ready and eager to talk with you, and seek out some opportunities to observe the LMU behind the Open House program. Ask the extra question. When you are in a group listening to a presentation or observing a demonstration, stay behind when the group moves on and ask the faculty and student presenters about their LMU experiences. Go sit in the library or the dining hall for 15 or 20 minutes and watch how the students who are not part of the program interact with each other. If you can do these things, the picture you have when Open House is over will be much more complete.

Don’t be afraid- LMU people love meeting potential future Lions. There’s an LMU faculty member who famously says, “You will never get the best information unless you are willing to ask the hardest questions.” That’s very wise advice.

If you come to Open House, please say hello. You will see me at the opening session, and again at the dessert social at the end.