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Must-Sees in Los Angeles for Every LMU Student

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LMU students are very lucky to go to college in the vibrant metropolis of Los Angeles and have access to all the enriching opportunities the city has to offer. Since L.A. is the second largest city in the United States, its residents can count on plenty to do and see within this urban sprawl. If you do not have a car, no need to fret. LMU offers the Lion Express, a free shuttle service for students that runs to Santa Monica, Venice, and more. L.A. also has a public transit system, which includes buses and the metro. If all else fails, sharing an Uber or Lyft with friends is a great way to navigate around. I did not have a car my freshman year, and my friends and I would commonly split the cost of these rideshare services.

During my time at LMU, I have loved venturing around and exploring L.A.’s landscape. I love going to school in this city because it provides me with an enriching environment to supplement the great education that I am receiving here at LMU. As a student originally from the East Coast, I have found that immersing myself in the West Coast culture has made my transition to college much easier. Art, music, and history are central to this city’s identity, so LMU students can count on getting educational value out of LA’s best attractions. Here are some must-sees that every LMU student should check out before they graduate.

The Griffith Observatory
Located in picturesque Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory offers a stunning view of the L.A. skyline. Aside from the gorgeous views it boasts, people can see space exhibits, peer into telescopes, and visit the Observatory’s planetarium. This attraction definitely provides visitors with a greater understanding of the magnificence of our skies. Also, for all the film buffs out there, this location is where James Dean and Natalie Wood shot memorable scenes for Rebel Without a Cause.

The abundance of lamp posts on Wilshire Blvd is what usually comes to mind when picturing the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). This famous art museum gives LA residents the opportunity to learn about different cultures and time periods through diverse and eclectic works of art. I am excited to experience LACMA’s Rain Room exhibit, an art installation where visitors can walk through a simulated downpour without the hassle of getting wet – opening this November.

The Getty Villa & The Getty Center

The Getty Villa touts an impressive view of the Pacific Palisades, while the Getty Center lies in the scenic neighborhood of Brentwood. The Getty Villa’s art provides insight into ancient Greek and Roman cultures, while the art exhibits at the Getty Center focus on American and European history. The spectacular artwork found at these locations is what makes both of these attractions so noteworthy.

GRAMMY Museum at L.A. Live
With countless concert venues and record stores, L.A.’s music scene is omnipresent throughout the city. The renowned Grammy Awards take place here every year at the Staples Center, and one can learn more about the historic ceremony through the exhibits at this museum. Those who visit this attraction can gain an appreciation for the history of music and all of its various genres.

Santa Monica Pier
Along with the Hollywood Sign, the Santa Monica Pier is one of the most common attractions associated with L.A. The dazzling Ferris wheel on the edge of the deep blue ocean is a classic image depicting the city’s beauty. Visitors to the Pier can expect to see local artists and musicians performing their craft, all epitomizing L.A.’s lively culture. The Pier is also close to campus, making it a popular weekend destination for LMU students.
LMU’s location is one of the many things that make this school so special and unique. Be sure to explore the City of Angels and take advantage of its wonderful opportunities.