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A Week in the Life: Music Majors

What’s it like as a music major at LMU?  Theory class, ensembles, rehearsals, concerts, and countless jam sessions are just a few things that comprise the lives of music majors.  As a voice performance major, I participate in the LMU choruses and weekly voice lessons as well as music theory, aural skills class, and studio class.  These are all required for my major.  Wait, let’s not forget about the LMU core requirements!  Music majors must fulfill the common core requirements for both upper and lower divisions at LMU on top of the courses required by the music department.

Collegiate musicians work toward one goal: surviving the end of semester jury.  Juries are the final exams for music performance majors where students perform the songs or pieces they have been working on throughout the semester for a panel of faculty members.  The panel grades the performance and writes comments to benefit the musician.  As a freshman voice major, I sang three songs, each in a different language for my jury.

So what does a typical week look like for music majors?

Music theory class three times a week, aural skills class twice a week, ensemble rehearsals, private lessons once a week, common core classes, a fair amount of homework, practice room time, and a lot of tea or coffee.

Although music majors put in a significant amount of hours in practice rooms and rehearsals, we still manage to have fun while growing as musicians!  We have jam sessions, constantly harmonize with one another, see campus shows together, simply hang out, and help our fellow instrumentalists on their pieces.

The best part about being a music major has to be seeing your friends perform.  Music students have performance opportunities each week in studio class, ensemble concerts, or solo recitals.  It is incredibly exciting to see fellow music majors showcase their craft and continue to improve as time goes on.  I have gotten to know so many kind and talented musicians here at LMU and I am so excited to continue on this journey with them these next few years!