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Midterms: Tips & Tricks

With the fall semester nearly halfway over, every LMU student faces the task of preparing for midterms and successfully surpassing this hurdle. This semester, I have had midterms in almost all of my classes, and readying myself for these exams has definitely been challenging. However, even though studying for midterms can a tough process, it can be simplified with useful study strategies. Listed below are my five go-to tips and tricks for tackling the infamous midterms and coming out victorious.

1. Divide up the work. Midterm exams often cover a large amount of material, which can be hard to digest all in one sitting. To prevent information overload and avoid feeling overwhelmed, divide up the study material between different days leading up to the exam. To prevent cramming, I study one or two chapters one day, one or two chapters the next day, and so on. By going over the material in incremental periods, studying for midterms becomes a balanced process.

2. Use flashcards. I have been using this study tactic for my entire academic career, and I can confidently say that using flashcards is a very beneficial. Going over vocabulary and key concepts is crucial in ensuring that you know the exam material, and flipping through flashcards is a convenient and accessible way to do so. Flashcards can practically fit in your pocket, allowing for quick and easy study sessions on the go. For example, I flip through my flashcards while waiting in line for my coffee at the Lion’s Den and the Coffee Cart on campus. When operating on a time crunch, using flashcards is the most efficient way to go over exam material.

3. Be sure to attend a midterm review session. If your teacher offers an optional midterm review, see it as a mandatory opportunity to go over the exam material. These sessions are designed to be advantageous, so do not miss out on the opportunity for extra review time.

4. Exercise. This piece of advice seems a little out of the ordinary, but releasing any built-up stress and tension can be accomplished by getting some exercise. Exercising is a great stress reliever, and taking study breaks to burn some calories is always a good idea. Running on the treadmill, using the elliptical, climbing on the StairMaster, lifting weights, and other exercises definitely help me ensure a stress-free study process.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Even after you have gone over all the midterm exam material, make sure to repeat this process up until the exam. Practice does make perfect, and continuing to relearn and go over all the concepts is essential to having a successful midterms experience.

As the midterms commence this month, best wishes to all LMU Lions as they tackle this endeavor!