Admission Blog

Heading into my Senior Year…

This summer, I have been reflecting on the past and contemplating the future. I remember the summer before my freshman year, awaiting the unknown experience of college. I have changed so much since then. Back then I was still so immature. I did not know myself or what I wanted to do, yet I thought I knew everything. Now I am a young adult who is much more independent, aware, and happy.

LMU has played a major role in that change and has provided me with a structure to further develop and understand myself.

The campus environment encourages you to take classes that make you responsible, and by learning in these classes, you begin to learn about yourself as well. The friends I have met at college have also been a part of that change. We have all grown into adulthood together and given support to one another whenever necessary. These friendships have allowed me the freedom to be myself and grow while also being crucial in my development. As for my future, I have much more thinking to do.

I still do not know exactly what I want to do after college, but as long as I propel myself in the right direction, I know I will be fine. I feel confident going forward especially since LMU offers great resources for career development.

This year, I am going to utilize the Office of Career and Professional Development and work to enhance my resume and learn more about my employment opportunities. LionJobs, LMU’s online jobs and internship resource, is also very helpful in finding opportunities. My major department is another great resource that I have access to. The economics department has been great in helping me find what I want to do and how to do it. They provide good connections, so be friendly with your faculty because it could payoff in the long run.

Aside from a great alumni network at LMU, the knowledge and awareness you gain from your education gives you the special ability of knowing what opportunities you will want to pursue in the future. This helps you narrow down what you want to do in life. For example, I find interest in economics and sociology and can take these majors in a million different directions. However, the knowledge I have gained allows me to narrow down which of these directions to follow.

I currently want to pursue something in finance, but I know myself well enough that if I end up changing my opinion, it will be okay and I can find something else to do. The confidence I have learned through my education at LMU really is helping me map out my future plans.

Looking toward my unknown future can be fearful and daunting but with a cool, calm, and collected attitude, I know I will navigate my future successfully.