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Going Greek 2016

With the myriad of extracurricular activities offered at LMU, it is to no surprise that students find themselves involved in multiple organizations, each offering their take on what it means to educate the whole person. Most recently, the ladies of LMU were invited to participate in Greek Life’s 2016 Spring Recruitment, a mystifying experience to those new to what it means to “Go Greek.”

Usually around 500 ladies decide to go through the recruitment process, something I went through not so long ago. Going through the process as a sophomore, I found that the jitters and inherent fear of not “finding home” was a sentiment shared by members of all classes going through the recruitment process; as exciting as the possibility of finding “home” was, it did not come with much peace of mind, or sleep for that matter.

On the other side of recruitment, now as a senior, I found the process equally taxing. The practice, dedication, and multiple trips to In-n-Out needed to carry out a successful recruitment are more than I had envisioned, and something that happens all too quickly. To think bid day was on Monday feels like déjà vu, but one where I was looking in on the other side of the mirror.

That being said, what makes bid day so memorable is the ability to see the hard work put in by new and active members fuse together in a vivacious atmosphere filled with sheer excitement. To know the grueling weekend-long process is completed and now you are finally home, is reason for celebrating: it happened so soon!

But for those who don’t find a home in Greek Life, it doesn’t mean home isn’t somewhere else; with service organizations and vast amounts of clubs, each offer something special and the chance to get involved in a place where you can call home. Because in the end, finding what you call “home” and being a part of something bigger is well worth the time and energy spent.