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Future Lions: 2019

Loyola Marymount University proudly welcomes over 1,325 freshman Lions to campus this fall, selected from a record applicant pool of 13,317. Over the past two years applications to LMU have increased a resounding 16 percent.

Maureen Weatherall, vice provost for Enrollment Management, says, “Our incoming class reflects a banner year for LMU in terms of the academic excellence and diversity of our incoming class. We are particularly proud of the numbers of student in our entering class from around the nation and world.”

These new students will hail from 42 different states, 34 countries worldwide, and international students will make up approximately eight percent of the class.

Equally impressive is the enrolled class’s academic profile with 46 percent having a high school GPA of 3.8 or higher. The projected SAT scores of the middle 50th percent for admitted students (1150-1300) are the highest in LMU’s history.

Of the incoming class, 33 percent plan to pursue a degree in the Liberal Arts, 22 percent in Business Administration, 21 percent in Science or Engineering, 14 percent in Fine Arts & Communication, and 11 percent in Film & Television. Additionally, 52 percent identify as Catholic, and 163 are a legacy, either being the child, grandchild or sibling of alumni.

Matthew Fissinger, Director of Undergraduate Admission, echoes Weatherall’s sentiments and says, “We were very impressed with the accomplishments of this year’s applicants, with their diverse perspectives and experiences, and the way in which they are embracing LMU’s Jesuit tradition and values.”