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Extracurricular Activities: Finding the Right Fit

At the beginning of the school year I attended “Club Fest,” where all the many LMU clubs and organizations come out to showcase all they have to offer and potentially recruit new members. There were athletic clubs, cultural clubs, journalism/media clubs, social justice clubs, service organizations, sororities, fraternities, academic societies, and many more.

Saying I was overwhelmed at the sight of all these activities is an understatement. However, after walking by all of the clubs’ tables, I soon found what piqued my interest.

I am passionate about public relations and hope to pursue a career in this field one day, so I signed up for LMU’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Since joining PRSSA, I was elected to serve as the Freshman Ambassador to their Executive Board. I also helped plan PRSSA’s Fall Networking Mixer, cleverly titled, “Talk Entertainment to Me!” At this mixer, I was able to interact and network with entertainment industry professionals, furthering my passion for public relations and my future career in Los Angeles. Becoming a part of such an amazing organization on campus has truly benefited the quality of my freshman year of college, and I plan to continue my membership with the chapter for the rest of my college career

Since attending “Club Fest,” I also began working for LMU Student Affairs, where I manage their social media platforms. Successful and tactical social media management is integral to achieving success in public relations campaigns, and the skills that I have acquired through this position have definitely prepared me for jobs in the future.

Additionally, I have just started to get involved with the women’s Club Lacrosse Team and I hope to have a radio show on KXLU, LMU’s renowned radio station, as well.

My transition to college life at LMU has been made so much easier by getting involved. I know the get involved cliché has been told to every college freshman entering college, but this piece of advice could not be more accurate and helpful. Extracurricular activities are not only a great way to expand your social network and benefit your career; they are a place where you can channel your energy into collaborative, positive, and welcoming environments.

So to all the incoming freshmen at LMU, as you approach the circus-like scene of “Club Fest,” take a step back and really see where your passions lie.

You will find your place on this beautiful campus, I promise.