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A Lit Night: ASLMU’s Annual Tree Lighting A Joyous Occasion

With finals quickly approaching, LMU students got to rejoice in a little holiday fun as ASLMU hosted their annual tree lighting on Regents Terrace last Friday night.  Complete with festive snacks, falling snow, and a horse-drawn carriage giving rides around Alumni Mall… the Terrace glimmered with an array of lights and giant snowflakes projected across Malone Hall.

Along the path of Alumni Mall were bright green illuminations projected onto trees, all leading up to the big Christmas tree. Tables were set up for those who wanted to decorate ornaments and for those graduating, ornaments were given out. In another cozy spot, ASLMU handed out hot cocoa, cookies, and mugs to attendees.

After taking a ride on the horse-drawn carriage with a couple of friends and grabbing a few snacks, we listened to ASLMU President LaShyra “Lash” Nolen say a few inspiring words about the holiday season and upcoming winter break. When the big moment finally arrived and the tree was LIT, I was blown away by its gleaming lights. At once, all were staring in awe at the lights on the Christmas tree, heralding in the holiday season at LMU. Students and families found this to be the perfect moment to gather around the tree for pictures. It was great to see that even with the stress of finals hanging in the air, people were still able to see and experience what the holidays are truly about. Following the lighting, an LMU choir appeared on the stage by the tree and sang Christmas songs, including my personal favorite, “Jingle Bell Rock.”

I found the tree lighting to be a great way to kick off the holiday season on a stress-free, joyful note, energizing my spirit for finals week. And I found that it was especially nice that those far from home were able to get a dose of the holiday spirit with their LMU family. I look forward to making this one of my favorite LMU traditions.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season – and a successful finals week!