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Better Living Through Chemistry

Graduating seniors Kelly Hunter and Grace Johnson were the recipients of two of the five undergraduate research awards handed out at the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco earlier this month. LMU was the only institution at the meeting to achieve the rare distinction of being doubly represented.

Kelly and Grace’s respective research projects focused on quantum mechanical predictions for catalyst performance for clean renewable energy applications. The pair were accompanied by LMU Chemistry & Biochemistry professor Emily Jarvis, as well as senior Jose Alvarado, and juniors Emmett Barnes and Kevin Ray Calvelo.

“Kelly and Grace’s recognition is a testament to the importance of meaningful undergraduate research,” Emily Jarvis said, “for which LMU is a driving force.”

Following graduation, Kelly and Grace are both set to join PhD programs in Theoretical & Computational Chemistry at the University of San Diego and Stanford University.

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